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You know what I think would be cool? If I were a radiology-tech. Yes, that would be cool--I think I will try to do that at TCC starting in 2005 because WWU is really pretty but it just didn't work out. And B'ham can't compete with good old T-Town.

**The so-called "Tacoma-Aroma" does NOT exist!!!!**


I work for the Tacoma Rainiers as an usher. IT rocks I get paid to watch baseball and dance on the dugout!

**THEY PLAY IN ANAHEIM--THEY ARE THE ANAHEIM ANGELS NOT the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. THE ANAHEIM ANGELS, NO LOS ANGELES SINCE THEY DO NOT PLAY IN LA--I don't care if they are close to LA, they do NOT play in it. Besides I think that big "A" in the rockery at their stadium stands for ANAHEIM (not Angels)--JEEPERS get the city you play in sraight!**

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I claimed Justin Leone at claimplayers

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I clamied Luke Ridnour at claimplayers

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